First, you have to uninstall any previous conflicting Mods that you may have used. Otherwise there may be serious compatibility issues. To install this mod, use an archiving utility such as WinZip, ExtractNow! or WinRAR to extract the files from this ZIP or RAR archive to your main SWG directory (usually C:\Program Files\Star Wars Galaxies). Make sure to uninstall any old or incompatible versions of mods first (see section II.). Start the game and enjoy!
To uninstall the mod, simply remove the files/folders that you extracted at the installation of the Mod from your SWG directory. Keep the readme file inside the SWG Folder in case you forget which files have been installed with which mod.

DISCLAIMER: The author(s) of these files do not accept any responsibility for anything related to them. Use at your own risk! Please ask the respective author(s) for permission if you want to use these files for anything else.

SWG mods

4th Anniversary Monocle mod

Makes the monocles show up when wearing hats and other headgear and brightens up the monocle.

file size:1.1mb

5th Generation Silver Lightsabers

Changes the 5th generation lightsaber texture to a silvery looking one.

file size:0.6mb

5th Anniversary Statue mod*

Changes the Regal Battle Statue to Emperor Palpatine and the Rectangular Fountain to Yoda's Fountain.

file size:0.1mb

AB1 to Senate Pod*

Changes the AB1 landspeeder to the TCG Seneta Pod.

file size:0.1mb

Black ETA-2 Actis Interceptor

Colors the JSF entirely in black, overwriting any custom colors from color kits.

file size:4.2mb

Chiss Poacher Backpack re-texture

Changes the textures of the Chiss Poacher Backpack to a black version with blueish lights and a rebel logo on it.

file size:0.1mb

Clone Trooper re-texture

Changes the textures of the Katarn Clone armor to better match the Clone armors from the movies.

file size:1.2mb

EG-6 droid to pit droid

Changes the EG-6 "Gonk" power droid to Watto's pit droid.

file size:0.1mb

Flickering Lightsaber Cores

Makes the lightsabers "flicker" to add a more authentic feel to them.

  file size:0.1mb

ITV mod collection

A collection of mods that changes the privateer ITV into one of several other ships.

file size:0.6mb

Life Day Kowakian Monkey lizard to regular Kowakian Monkey Lizard*

This mod replaces the Life Day Kowakian Monkey Lizard with a regular Kowakian Monkey Lizard as used in the Galactic Moon Festival, meaning no socks and no gloves.

file size:0.1mb

Mouse droid to ASN-121 droid*

Changes the Mouse droid into the ASN-121 assassin droid, as used by Zam Wesell in EP2.

file size:0.1mb

Nightsister Armguard*

Changes the right Golden Bracelet into the Nightsister Armguard.

file size:0.1mb

"Realistic" R2-D2 sounds Enhances the astromech sounds. Astromech sound 1 Astromech sound 2 file size:0.7mb

Rihkxyrk Wood Dashboard

Gives the Rihkxyrk dashboard a wooden feeling.

file size:0.3mb

Sitting to Meditate

Changes the sitting animation to the meditate animation.

file size:0.1mb

Space Mobile Planet re-texture

Re-textures the Space Mobile with better looking planets.

file size:3.7mb

Speederbike sounds Enhances the Speederbike sounds. Accelerate Decelerate file size:1.1mb

Swoop to Geonosian Speeder*

Changes the Swoop speederbike to the TCG Geonosian speederbike.

file size:0.1mb

Utapau ITV to Battlefields LAAT craft*

Changes the Utapau (Rattletrap) ITV to the LAAT craft used for the GU11 Battlefields.

file size:0.2mb

Utapau ITV to Geonosian Solar Sailor*

Changes the Utapau (Rattletrap) ITV to the TCG Geonosian Solar Sailor.

file size:0.2mb

War Terminal re-texture A darker re-texture of the War terminal. file size:2.0mb

Yoda Hoverchair* Changes the Swoop into the 5 year veteran reward hoverchair. file size:0.1mb

* This means I made this mod.